Month: February 2017

Why So Many Professionals Use Porous Paving

No matter how big your next project is, StoneSet porous paving can provide you with a durable, low maintenance system which not only looks great but is fully permeable! With increasing restrictions on hard to soft landscaping, this system will ensure your project is approved and negate the need for long term maintenance funds. The multi-layer system allows water to permeate the ground while retaining a high quality, professionally maintained appearance. The final top coat is a resin-based formulation that holds your aggregate firmly in place to reduce repairs and maintenance.

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Building A Patio? Consider Porous Paving

Home improvement is on people’s minds, and adding a patio tops the list of additions. People want something that acts as an extension of the living room to their backyard: a comfortable space for relaxing with friends and safe place for enjoying the garden. Now, there are many choices when it comes to patio materials, and you want to pick the best one to fulfill the functional and decorative purposes. A good one to choose is porous paving.


Why pick a material made of aggregate particles laid over a porous substrate? Well, to start with, it keeps puddles from collecting by the house. Non-porous materials can concentrate rainwater by the walls, and from there it can leak into the foundations and damage the house. If the puddles drip off the other end of the patio, your house may be spared, but over time the water can create a ditch by the patio that slowly undermines the patio itself.

On a less serious note, there is something annoying about going outside to check on your yard after a rainy night and stepping in a cold puddle in your nice slippers.

Porous paving is non-slip, so your patio is safe for even the littlest guests. No one will slip on wet spots, and it makes a great surface for adding toys or furniture, as they will stay put and never sit in colour-leaching puddles.

Porous paving also gives you a multitude of colour and texture options. You can pick anything from a bright red to match your flowers to a deep black to offset your house. You can pick a pattern that complements your flowerbeds or reminds you of Alice in Wonderland. Your patio can be as unique as the designer.

This sturdy material can take a beating, too, and doesn’t need much in the way of maintenance. You can have more than 10 years of a pleasant backyard patio, and all you have to do is sweep every now and again.

So if you are looking for a sturdy, creative and safe material for your patio, you might want to look into porous paving.

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Build Your Customer Base With Quality StoneSet Solutions

Many builders are using StoneSet materials to provide their customers with cost-effective paving solutions for everything from industrial campuses to residential driveways. The porous nature of our products encourages water absorption to reduce damages from erosion. This makes it easier and quicker to repair cracks and holes while using locally available materials to reduce costs.

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How Does Permeable Paving Filter Water?

Permeable paving sounds like a great idea. It has all the strength of traditional pavement, but it allows water to drain straight through it. This eliminates the need for overflow channels and gutters, which can make projects from driveways to streets significantly faster to install, and less costly in terms of time and materials. But what about contaminants in the water? After all, pavement is covered in substances you’d rather not have in your water table, from motor oil to antifreeze spills.

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Why Porous Paving Is Great For Your Pathways

Pathways are a big part of a landscape. They are frequently the most visible part, and they reflect the care someone put into the garden. If you have a dull pathway that is cracking and prone to puddles, everything else will also look rundown. So when you are looking to put a pathway in your property, you want to pick your surfaces carefully. You might, for one thing, consider porous paving.

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