Month: November 2016

permeable paving sydney driveway

Everything a Builder needs to know about StoneSet

A cost-effective and low maintenance paving solution, StoneSet offers long-lasting products green builders can truly feel good about. Specifically designed to combat the CO2 emissions problem caused by concrete manufacturing, our locally sourced and renewable aggregates provide for an environmentally conscious substitute.

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How Much Pollution Could Green Paving Prevent?

Pollution has become a huge problem in our modern age. And it seems like every time we come up with a solution to halt one form, another type of pollution steps into the gap to start causing problems of its own. With water shortages and droughts across the nation, and the world, though, preserving the water table has become an important issue. Fortunately, we have a way to put a dent in the amount of pollution that sinks into the ground.

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