Month: October 2016

Porous Paving is Ideal For Your Pool Surround


There’s nothing quite like relaxing near the pool when the summer comes in full force.

The juxtaposition of the pounding heat, and the cool water, can make it feel like your own, personal oasis. Of course, getting out of the pool comes with risks. Not just that you’re going to dry off and warm up, but that you have to be careful where you put your feet. One wrong step, and you might fall onto the concrete surround instead of back into the water.

If you’re looking for a way to make your surround safer, and to customize its appearance, then you might want to consider porous paving.

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How Old is Porous Paving?

Porous paving, at first glance, looks like the sort of technology we would create in response to many of the conditions we face in the modern-day. After all, a pavement that allows water to drain through it, trapping contaminants in order to keep the water table pure, sounds exactly like the sort of thing green scientists would cook up in order to preserve dwindling natural resources, prevent erosion, and help the environment.

And they did… but they created it back in the 1800s.

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Porous Paving Applications Are Growing More Popular In The Modern Day

Porous Paving Applications Are Growing More Popular In The Modern Day

It seems like all our green technology is at least 100 years old. From solar panels and wind turbines, to the Sterling engine and electric cars, practically every “new” invention we have that’s good for the environment is something we discovered back in the 1800s. Or, in some cases, even earlier.  Continue reading “Porous Paving Applications Are Growing More Popular In The Modern Day”

How Does Porous Paving Work?

Porous paving, also called green paving, has become more and more popular over the years.However, while calling something green is an indication that it’s good for the environment, that doesn’t guarantee that people really understand what it does, or why it’s a positive influence. So if you’ve been thinking about installing porous paving, here’s a simple explanation of why it’s good for you, and for the earth.

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