10 years – Tree Surrounds

permeable tree surround terrabond

StoneSet will officially celebrate 10 years of project installations this coming 16th December. Over that period we’ve completed thousands of landscaping installations, Australia wide.

2008 – Stoneset began


Leading up to the anniversary were taking a detailed look at some of our best jobs of each application (Driveways, Rooftops, Hospitals, Pathways, Schools)

This week were looking at the dozens of Tree pits we’ve completed as part of landscaping works for Councils and Public spaces.

Typically found on pathways, on roadsides, in cities, and shopping areas. Because councils recognise the environmental and social benefits of trees in these spaces, they are found on nearly every city shopping street.

The need for porous paving is diverse; Wet’n’Wild, Monash University, Public Paths, Universities and Schools – These are just some of the applications for tree pits StoneSet has installed over the last 10 years.

The main issue associated with these trees is that the soil around the tree and structural base mix on top of that is new it has had no time to settle. Compacting is often difficult because of area restriction (these pits are typically about 1.2m x 1.2m) and protection of the new tree.

As Trees need time to develop a substantial root system while growing, and disturbances in the soil which deplete soil water and oxygen levels can be counterproductive to that effort. An attractive and unique solution is to use a fully porous, hard stone material such as StoneSet.

Due to its high porosity rate of 60L/m2/second, many Councils have similarly specified StoneSet as soft landscaping for their tree surrounds and when considering development applications for new builds and extensions. Heres a sample list of some of the councils we’ve installed tree surrounds for over the last ten years;

  • Clare & Gilbert Valley’s Council,
  • Wyong Shire Council,
  • Sydney City Council,
  • Port Augusta City Council,
  • Northern beaches council,
  • Shoalhaven Council,
  • Manly Council,
  • Waverley Council,
  • Wyndham City Council,
  • Townsville Council,
  • Liverpool city council,
  • North Sydney Council,
  • Canada Bay Council,
  • Melbourne City Council,
  • City of Sydney,
  • Brisbane City Council,
  • Ku-ring-gai Council,
  • Sutherland Shire Council,
  • Randwick City Council

Heres a bit more detail on some of the installations we’ve done over this time;


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